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100 Bible Verses About Flat Earth:

The Heliocentric Model:

Rotation Speed:
Anchorage, AK: 499 miles per hour (802 kilometers per hour)
Miami, FL: 934 miles per hour (1,505 kilometers per hour)
North Pole: 0 miles per hour (0 kilometers per hour)

Orbital Speed: 29.78 km/s (107,200 km/h; 66,620 mph)

Distance to Sun: ~93 million miles (150 million kilometers)
Distance to Moon: ~238,855 miles (384,399 kilometers)

A Full History and Development of Heliocentrism/Relativity/Gravity, and the Chuch:
2007-Galileo Was Wrong_ The Church Wa-Sungenis.pdf (21.8 MB)

A Documentary on the History of Heliocentrism and the Church:

Modern Physics, Relativity, and Relative Motion

1872 Airy’s Failure
1872-On a Supposed Alteration in the Amou-Airy.pdf (382.0 KB)

1887 Michelson Morley Failed to Orbital Motion
1887-On the Relative Motion of the E-Michelson.pdf (9.4 MB)

1906 Special Relativity and the Constant Speed of Light
Einstein_1905_relativity.pdf (246.4 KB)

1913 Georges Sagnac and the Sagnac Effect
1913-The Existence of the Luminiferous-Sagnac.pdf (141.1 KB)

1916 General Relativity and “Curvilinear Orbits”
The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity.pdf (330.1 KB)

2004 Ruyong Wang and Linear Motion
Wang et al. - 2004 - Generalized Sagnac Effect.pdf (224.5 KB)

Heliocentrism/Geocentrism Kinematic and Dynamic Equivalence
Popov - 2013 - Newton-Machian analysis of Neo-tychonian model of .pdf (309.1 KB)

2016-A Critical Analysis of LIGO’s Re-Crothers.pdf (352.7 KB)
Dongfang - 2021 - Relativistic Equation Failure for LIGO Signals.pdf (280.7 KB)
Dongfang - 2021 - LIGO’s Spiral Binary Black Holes Failed to Merge.pdf (301.8 KB)
George and Huerta - 2017 - Deep Learning for Real-time Gravitational Wave Det.pdf (2.1 MB)

Modern Physics and Geocentrism (A Documentary from 2014):

NASA deception

Apollo 17 Official Footage:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon:

Apollo 11 Original Press Conference:

25 “Space Bloopers:”

“NASA Puppets on a String”

Audit NASA Playlist:

Proofs of a Planar Realm

Laser Tests:

Long-Distance Observations that Exceed the Radius Value:

Radiowave Propagation:

Whale Communication:

Technical Plane Radar Data:

Incoherent Pole/Equator Temperature Differential:

Specular Reflections:

44 Government Documents Referencing Flat/Non-Rotating Earth:

The Moon and Moonlight

Possible “Cold Moonlight,” with no Hostspot:

The Selenelion Eclipse

Gravitational Inconsistency:

Perspective and Curved Visual Space

Measurement of Curved Visual Space:

Koenderink et al. - 2000 - Direct Measurement of the Curvature of Visual Spac.pdf (443.0 KB)

Hyperbolic Representation of Visual Space

1997-Hyperbolic Representation of Global-Indow.pdf (387.5 KB)

Is Visual Space Euclidean?

1977-Is Visual Space Euclidean_-Suppes.pdf (1.4 MB)

The Horizon (WitsitGetsIt):

Finding “Curve” on a Flat Surface:

“Your Eyes Reveal the Truth” (How Perspective and Angular Resolution Determine the Optical Location of the Horizon):

A Kinematic Flat Earth Model of the Sky:

The Pendulum and the Allais Effect

Foucalt Pendulum not Well Substantiated,

Use an electromagnetic motor+brake and require “callibration:”
Mark2FoucaultInstallation_1.pdf (652.1 KB)

Correlation with the Moon: Allais Effect Sources

Earth’s Electric Field and the Downward Bias

Geocentrism and the CMB


“Sorry, Antarctica is Closed”

Antarctica (by WitsitGetsIt)

True Earth 101 Series by WitsitGetsit (Edited by Toby)

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