True Earth convergence

Hey Tony & Alan. I truly enjoy your debates and the work you put out into the community. I also follow and enjoy other true earthers such as Witsit and Jeran…amongst others. I think it would be great for all you to collaborate and do a weekly show based on specific topics discussing how you have come to your understanding of the pseudoscience that has made people believe we live on a ball and how you have debunked or proven it false. It would be great if you could “dumb it down” because I know there are many people who don’t have the same thinking mind as others and can’t understand these topics of higher education and knowledge. That way anyone can refute these pseudoscientific theories to help bring the community together and help grow the community. I truly think we lose far to many potential true earther’s because they default to appeal to authority because they can’t understand these topics on such a deep level. Keep up the great work, hope to see you all collaborate in the future. Thank you.


Hey Joe!

Thanks for the encouraging words! All of the insecure glober hate is easy to laugh at when we receive positive feedback like this from real-life, honest and coherent people like yourself. We are in fairly regular communication with both Witsit and Jeran, and I certainly see the value in what you’re suggesting. This is somewhat along the lines of what we are currently doing Tuesdays on Aether Cosmology, and Wednesdays on Schooling Globers, but also Alan and I have appeared on Globebusters along with both Witsit and Jeran in recent weeks, along with some other fanstastic hard workers in the “community” (or “movement,” or whatever you want to call it).

We are constantly looking for ways to slow things down, or “dumb them down,” but this is of course challenging when things are always moving so fast, and we are constantly learning, ourselves. With that said, this is and has been on our radar. Yesterday, I ended up going through my full debate opener, but I tried to do so in a fashion that was a bit slower, and to break down some of the more confusing points as I went through it.

Thanks again for the encouragement and feedback!

  • Toby

PS - It’s Toby, not Tony, but Tony was the guy we were debating on Saturday, so the misunderstanding is totally understandable :grin: