The Sagnac Effect Falsifies Special Relativity Theory

The Sagnac Effect Falsifies Special Relativity Theory
Ramzi Suleiman

It is commonly held that the Sagnac effect does not contradict Special Relativity because it manifests in non-inertial rotational motion, thereby necessitating a General Relativity framework. However, multiple well-designed studies have demonstrated that a Sagnac effect, identical to that observed in uniform rotational motion, is also evident in transverse uniform motion. This finding should have been sufficient to challenge the validity of Special Relativity. In this article, we provide theoretical support for these experimental results by elucidating the equivalence of the dynamics between transverse and rotational motion types. Given that the transverse Sagnac effect contradicts Special Relativity, it logically follows that the rotational Sagnac effect does as well. Furthermore, we demonstrate that our recently proposed Information Relativity theory, which rejects the constancy of the velocity of light axiom, can theoretically account for the Sagnac effect.

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