Angular momentum of the atmosphere

Google Bard told me that the atmosphere is spinning at 1,000mph in unison with the globe. It says that the causative force of the angular momentum is unknown and the “working” hypothesis is that it is residue from the original formative big bang event. And as luck would have it, there is scant resistance and so this angular momentum has been largely conserved for billions of years. Google does begrudgingly admit that there is some drag caused by the friction of the slower globe within it. But they cede that yes, while the atmosphere is gradually slowing ever so imperceptibly, so is the globe slowing at the same rate–as luck would have it.

So my question is… understanding that if the atmosphere is not 1000% in lock step with the globe rotation it would be instantly measured/felt world wide; and also understanding that they cede that there is very little relation between the two rotating bodies. How could they explain the continued pace-keeping of such a free-wheeling atmosphere in relation to a globe with a triple wobble?

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